Sleep then!

Let slumber overwhelm in enduring embrace

That immortal repose beckons

Arms spread in soft enfolding

Dreamless dusk beyond sun and twilight

That crepuscular veil enshrouding being

Here, no grief can touch, nor sorrow reach

No woes, nor dolorous thought intrude


Let that seventh light-bereft wave encompass the actuality

Of existence

And subside to leave only memory in its wake

Stars once burnt are seen no more

And so, a man will be mere recollection

In the reflection of antiquity

Fading into that distant dusk

Rest then!

Let that façade of permitted existence

That feigned fair humour

Be discovered as the intolerable

Condition of the soul

That mirrors all misery and woe

Let life’s tide ebb in warm entwinement

And departing spirit

Sleep then!

And wake no more

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